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  1. gratz fi, too bad siege sticking with eop mentality and bringing mains
  2. Parviz

    Misfits Teamspeak Leak - Episode 6

    I kinda feel bad for Zee lol
  3. Parviz

    [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    grats @Kenny :-)
  4. i miss you.

  5. Nice work friends, love the lately pull!
  6. I barely attend foes trips cause of work, the only reason I joined them was because of the amount of imperial members in there. Mostly I'm on for preps/minis You guys on the rise at the moment, keep the pulls up!
  7. Parviz

    Voke MOTM

    Nice 1 elve
  8. Parviz

    Is rs cool to play

    All my close friends know I play Runescape, most of them played this game many years ago. They don't understand why I'm playing this game. For them, it's just a childhood game but we if turn the tables I don't get why they like league of legends. End of the day it's just a game, just like million other games
  9. Parviz

    @Rage members in Supremacy

    7-1 #neverforget