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  1. Scottish

    J Fiddy

    Aye yo Joe
  2. Scottish

    Fire Cape needed

    already done mate, thanks though
  3. Scottish

    Fire Cape needed

    My boy! All I do is work now and with my time zone I can never catch you guys on trips or anything Come back and lead
  4. Scottish

    Fire Cape needed

    I need a fire cape on my zerk, stats are 88 range 45 def full void blow pipe etc. Shoot me a price
  5. Scottish

    Questing service

  6. Scottish

    nats with 30 def

    If you have 70 con, that fountain comes in clutch. I personally have my house set up so I have a glory mounted closest to my house portal, and the fountain to recharge my pray when needed.
  7. Scottish

    Need some quests done

    I can do those, Pm me and we'll make a deal.
  8. Scottish

    Your Top 5 (or 3) Favorite Movies

    Fight Club Saving Private Ryan Anchorman The Other Guys in that order.
  9. Scottish

    Another one

    God damn. Chill
  10. Scottish

    Yo FI !

    What's up broski
  11. Scottish

    clan friend application

  12. What're your rates going for now?
  13. Scottish

    For the boys, another reborn ep yo

    O_o seent it
  14. Scottish


    suppose i could go for some +1's