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  1. put up the ags for this

    ye ur alright
  2. Fishing for compliments

    @Dan | Best Pure Nzliterally kill yourself
  3. most iconic movie scene

    ye ur cringee
  4. Lets go

    bro it looks so good i honestly wanna get it tbh should get like a steel unit going on in fi and if u dont like it go 10 etc
  5. Pure-v-M Intro

    imagine ur first clan being misfits spam el oh el at em bruv
  6. whos rich

    @Josh ur a sphinx faggot brit
  7. 99

    gz harley josh is a sphinx
  8. DMM

  9. DEX + Omlet

    wtf thats not a twisted bow..
  10. Damn that rsn

    @josh @p1z4 is a sphinx @luke is an abo lmfao irl
  11. 1000

    we dont care
  12. Real Tagpro Champions

    yeah this black guy andre is bad tagpro player
  13. Tu Meke

    O_o them pms tho
  14. buying gp pm me on ts

    yo look my sick new avatar