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  1. most iconic movie scene

    ye ur cringee
  2. Lets go

    bro it looks so good i honestly wanna get it tbh should get like a steel unit going on in fi and if u dont like it go 10 etc
  3. whos rich

    @Josh ur a sphinx faggot brit
  4. 99

    gz harley josh is a sphinx
  5. DMM

  6. DEX + Omlet

    wtf thats not a twisted bow..
  7. Damn that rsn

    @josh @p1z4 is a sphinx @luke is an abo lmfao irl
  8. 1000

    we dont care
  9. Real Tagpro Champions

    yeah this black guy andre is bad tagpro player
  10. Tu Meke

    O_o them pms tho
  11. buying gp pm me on ts

    yo look my sick new avatar
  12. So....

    no, fuck off
  13. lmfao eop

  14. Best in slot for 1defence.

    tbh bronze is the best