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  1. Beaver Jokes

  2. 19th

    time to bring back the 39 defence!?! HECK YES
  3. nice one, gl on pet
  4. @Irish get ready to die u filthy muttonchop
  5. 98

    Miss you <3
  6. 98

    Last night during some raids I got 98 hp wewt wewt
  7. @hookgangmember spotted btw

    what's a hookgang? who is she?
  8. 98

    GZ mate, damn
  9. droopy's intro

    hello droopy
  10. 12 Years Strong!

    That one time I fell over & green blood come out, I knew that I belonged here. Seeee you there
  11. Aussie Timezone Tank Tests & Raids

    Sounds like a hell of a party, see you there lads
  12. 23. 2018 Max Caper LMFAO

    Grats @Crumble <3 woooooooooooooot
  13. Mac's cape

    you got this brother
  14. Mac's cape

    Just enjoy it, watch films/youtube. If you feel like you're gonna burn move to another skill or change the way you're doing things to spice it up :]