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  1. Ranger lvl 94, Heart lvl 95

    Well done brother

    sand casino was good to us on this day
  3. Quick Preview of Fall 2017 Awards!

    l Like your paint skills wewt
  4. Was it worth it?

    GOOOOFFFFFIXXXX Damn those cape look nice
  5. Getting there

    Aye bro slow down you animal DAYMN
  6. Thank fuck

    Well done bae
  7. Boom

    Gz bro
  8. lil main achievement

  9. 24 Hours Later

    Grats brother
  10. Best rsn goes too...

    a q p w
  11. New mass namechange pls
  12. This is not a drill.

    Happy birthday @Freryd2lumby not all heroes wear capes ily