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  1. Big fucking smoke. Gj boys.
  2. maxed

    Gratty friend @Tim
  3. Pk vid

    Wilmar big smoker
  4. Leadership Promotions

    What in Tarnation
  5. 99

    Big man tings
  6. Sly waffle for l3ader

  7. 3k

  8. 2018 Anime ur looking out for?

    Ily @Lee
  9. 2018 Anime ur looking out for?

    One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Tokyo ghoul (If it happens), Maybe Owari No Seraph season 3 (big doubt) Paging @Lee for Animu recommendations
  10. ?

    Big smoke
  11. 6 to go

    Big skill boi
  12. smithing

    Gratis friend
  13. yEEt

    Uni keeping me busy, possibly next week though @Lee