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  1. Covet

    Juicy intro

    @Sunday the dutchmaster has spokennnnnn
  2. Covet

    Our Walord vs Red Magician man

    Exposed @Lee
  3. Covet


  4. Covet

    1/32k drop chance, again

    i feel you @Sunday i got the smoldering stone from hellhounds b4
  5. Covet

    Top 3 Flamers/Most toxic guys in FI

    @Lee this is not the place or time
  6. Covet

    Top 3 Flamers/Most toxic guys in FI

    @Tim @robbyy right. OG cancer crew was the three of us in those dark days. I swear Tim and I bullied Whisky off the game for weeks at a time. Robbyy came thru and destroyed the shit elders, beautiful Tagging @Lee cause gay im a big fag
  7. Covet

    Is it too late to app for titan?

    Ty old friend, I still have a 75att 1def that's basically maxed. This is just a sub for a main. It's just a different scene acc, not in the current clanning meta and most likely not soon. Cheers mate @Peng
  8. Covet

    Is it too late to app for titan?

    Shit. Alright @Lee
  9. ah yes 25def maxed after like 2 years lmao.
  10. Warlord Leesus big win @Lee
  11. Covet

    LEe's irl LMFAo s M O k E D

  12. Covet


    Why are you the way that you are @Lee
  13. Covet


  14. Covet

    sometimes it rly do be like dat sometimes

    Nice job skillerman