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  1. 99

    Big man tings
  2. 3k

  3. 2018 Anime ur looking out for?

    One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Tokyo ghoul (If it happens), Maybe Owari No Seraph season 3 (big doubt) Paging @Lee for Animu recommendations
  4. ?

    Big smoke
  5. 6 to go

    Big skill boi
  6. smithing

    Gratis friend
  7. yEEt

    Uni keeping me busy, possibly next week though @Lee
  8. yEEt

    Gratty mai boi @Lee
  9. ghostface killers

    @Bday Offset's part was decent. Travis Scott and 21 Savage was nothing special on this song tbf. If anything 21's part almost put me to sleep.
  10. Top 5 Rappers (2000s-2017)

    Eminem Kanye Nas Lil Wayne Kendrick
  11. agile

    I miss you too friendo @Tim I mayb on sometime this week
  12. agile

    Fast man timbo @Tim