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  1. 00111000 00110101

    @Sunday is actually water cooled. He can't overheat.
  2. Hi

  3. tsenif

    What a fine fellow
  4. Racism and it's issue within the clan.

    racist belgian
  5. Racism and it's issue within the clan.

    what the fuck is this lmaooo @Crabs @Tim
  6. au guy APP

    GL on app and Pet dude. Got mine on 340KC when the acc was 1def/75att, it's a bitch.
  7. 4k

  8. hi wag1

  9. hey

  10. hey

    I'm ready if u are big man @robbyy
  11. Click to become smarter

    Big if true
  12. Big fucking smoke. Gj boys.
  13. maxed

    Gratty friend @Tim
  14. Pk vid

    Wilmar big smoker