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  1. Swelly

    For Couck, Roman and the Theft boys

    Ah this was meant to be in Goals and Achievements. Honest mistake! @Couck
  2. Swelly

    Fi = Family

    dont oversell yourself now
  3. @Harry you got off a few minutes to early http://puu.sh/jFqxE/ff252c8bcd.png RIP kraken

  4. Swelly

    dont give 'monk k0' shit

    apparently u need 15m for zulrah asap and will have it back to me in an hour
  5. Swelly

    Jad Pet Rates

    what do u get from rs3? the boss?
  6. Swelly


    13 jads on task no pet still :[
  7. Swelly

    Ayo finally. 1 left

    nice account
  8. Swelly


    r those rare
  9. Swelly

    pls upvote

    y doe
  10. Swelly

    fitness starting pics

    gj taking socks off last pic for @@Couck