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  1. 96/99 Magician

    Thanks mate, getting there. Cheers for the pk trip tonight too!
  2. 96/99 Magician

    Thank you my dude, yeah just been busy irl literally the holiday season been killing me ahaha. Yeah getting there still a way off 99 though! I'll keep everyone posted on any levels still focusing on 99
  3. Thank you dude, hope to make it 99 asap
  4. Ffs 😂 thank you brother, been grinding more than my jaw
  5. Thank you my g, getting there not on your level yet though haha
  6. Ranger lvl 94, Heart lvl 95

    Gratz mate! Big boy levels
  7. Good shit boys, good teamwork and listening. Trip was lit and thoroughly enjoyed.
  8. Your a wizard Harry!

    Gratz broski sorry for the belated response, keep that shit up!
  9. Gratz man, halfway to 95 magics myself
  10. Didn't Trust the Process Enough

    Nice Brian #Number1Grinder You be grinding more than hoes in a strip club
  11. Level 71 Logs into 2k Total world!

    Some nice shit right there
  12. The video that started "S O O R E Y"

    Sportsmanship x69
  13. Main gains

    Nice man, gratz