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  1. Bank Pics

    Thought I'd share some bank pics since people have asked for them. Helps keep track of progress too
  2. Hey im learning

    Damn bro best of luck!!
  3. Someone tell me

    this lol
  4. Selling 07 GP :D

    just bought 115m from him quick and easy
  5. closer

    grats mate!
  6. My slow road to 99 slayer

    Sorry been a while but got 13 defense/slayer helm (I) and will be 65 slayer today
  7. My slow road to 99 slayer

    I'll try to keep this updated maybe show pictures of any good drops/every 5 levels or something
  8. Im back on the grind!

    nice keep it up!
  9. Caitlyn the builder

    nice runecrafting
  10. A new project

    good luck man!