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  1. My harpoon went stronk.

    4 max kills in the last week I think we good bro @Bananaboy Marwan, ain't that right @Wsuo @Jamie_ @Champloos🤙🤙🤙
  2. My harpoon went stronk.

    #harpoongang we outchea. Meanwhile hookgang be mini warring lol
  3. My priminister is a bitch who recently went through menopause and probably hasn't had a good dicking since the 70s. I wish the UK had a trump instead of this bitch
  4. get ur +1s for an easy 99

    That was uncalled for now apologise @Whisky😡
  5. 1-30 defence - Vote

  6. Nothing to see here...except GAINZ

    Going back to HPC god dam lol
  7. Get 99

    Not long before pure clanning goes back to 39 def now LOL Jesus Christ 😂😂👀
  8. *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    Realest nigga awards and myself and @Bday aren't mentioned hahah nice joke you fucking belg fag
  9. Runescape lmao

    Wtf have you done to your account LOL
  10. #HG strikes again.

    No one wants to join planker hook gang btw @Stigi
  11. Couck Appreciation Topic

    I remember this one time @Couck called in a f2p prep and made everyone camp scims. I cried myself to sleep that night.
  12. Easy for Rigo

  13. Raggerman.

    My apprentice, I am proud of you @Wsuo #hg (harpoon not those hook fags)