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  1. Casually quested B gloves, now gotta train combat... other quest to be finished at a later date include MM 2, D slayer 2 and lunars. Not rushing those tho.
  2. Finally finished

    LOL I'd litterally rather play Hello Kitty Adventure than that dead game mode
  3. New rsn same me. Harpoongang innit

    Ez smoke sesh in world 325 tbh
  4. Leadership Promotions

    @Jons @Rich gratz guys also well deserved !
  5. Leadership Promotions

    BIG GRATZ @Whisky well deserved bro!!!!!
  6. Will be 95 hp before the grind is over @killkillnill_Eddy
  7. new project :D

    If only corrupt pvp armours came back
  8. Ironman Pure btw

    Waste of time btw
  9. 99 love level

    !loc @Champloos
  10. Sly waffle for l3ader

    Drunk texting again
  11. 6 to go

    Yes fun yes