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  1. Messaged about fc and 1300 pest control points on Discord
  2. X H I H 0 X

    Halo + Top 10m

    Would like to get just the halo, pm me dude! Thanks
  3. X H I H 0 X

    My body is ready..

    Gratz dude!
  4. X H I H 0 X


    Welcome dude
  5. 13 def come to the darkside brother. Just kidding, that sucks sorry dude.
  6. X H I H 0 X


  7. X H I H 0 X

    Jad pet!!!!!!

    Gratz, that's sick dude
  8. X H I H 0 X

    It has been fucking DONE

    Gratz dude, 25 def is for gai boi's anyways
  9. X H I H 0 X


    Sup dude welcome, stick to ini pure, don't let them turn you into an addy daddy
  10. X H I H 0 X

    Juan's Intro

    Sup dude, welcome
  11. X H I H 0 X

    No Honor Pk/Scott

    Welcome dude
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  13. X H I H 0 X

    A Friend is a savage

    I mean he isn't wrong
  14. X H I H 0 X

    Lava drags

    Way to go
  15. ...And then you get 87 combat. boom.