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  1. Halo + Top 10m

    Would like to get just the halo, pm me dude! Thanks
  2. My body is ready..

    Gratz dude!
  3. 13 def come to the darkside brother. Just kidding, that sucks sorry dude.
  4. Lel

  5. Jad pet!!!!!!

    Gratz, that's sick dude
  6. It has been fucking DONE

    Gratz dude, 25 def is for gai boi's anyways
  7. Gross

  8. A Friend is a savage

    I mean he isn't wrong
  9. Lava drags

    Way to go
  10. ...And then you get 87 combat. boom.    
  11. Grats Fi

    ye buddy, gratz

    Gratz you fucker!
  13. Whiptality

    Gratz dude
  14. #Skilltality, another 99

    Get some! lolol
  15. For The Clan

    Cheaper and about same exp as dragon bones, plus you get a little magic and combat with it. Totally worth it in my opinion