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  1. Jonathan

    another intro

    this is like my 3rd intro on these forums i think, so im just going to keep it short. been grinding rs on my main and have built up a decent amount of cash (about enough for prep gear). so i decided to start working on my pure again (88 Str, 90 Range, 81 Mage) by around mid february I plan on applying. the account used to be for xLPC's but now that i have decent money i'll be looking to get into the LPC scene. should i get 55 prayer or stay at 52? I plan on maxing at 88 cb Can i get clan friend until i app?
  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan's intro

    no i was already in apex but i just didnt have much money and i didnt want to grind too much, i now have more money and my lpc account is looking good. but not yet good enough to app, im getting 90 str then grinding mage and getting dt done 87 str atm with 90 range at that time apex was still in MPC
  3. Jonathan

    Jonathan's intro

    What is your real life name? Jonathan Who introduced you to Fatality? no one already knew about fi What are your hobbies? sports, rs, other video games etc What is your current RuneScape name? Itz Jonathan / D0O0O0O0O0OM What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Apex (nox is just stupid, ended up leaving) Massacre - closed Ambush - closed Doom - currently in Slaughter - moved to mpc and i stayed with apex (mistake) *i was an applicant in fi like a year ago but asked for my app to be declined* What are your goals for your RuneScape account? max out my main with 70 prayer and for my LPC account maxed 83 cb Do you plan on joining Fatality? maybe if you guys would allow me back in (have taken a few shots at you guys on SB but nothing really big) + my clan priority is doom and im not getting def or above 83 cb (maxed 60 atk) Anything else: nothing really
  4. whats better, master wand or trident of the swamp?

    1. LIL NICKY
    2. Jonathan


      Why is it so much cheaper than master wand though wtf

    3. Аlex


      u gotta manually cast with trident @Jonathan

  5. support this on reddit for green decorative mage robes for clan wars fights -https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/43ajgv/suggestion_recolour_decorative_mage_armour/

  6. Jonathan

    support this post on reddit please

    i fixed it? i changed it to imgur instead of gyazo. is the image link not showing? remake it just did
  7. Jonathan

    support this post on reddit please

  8. Jonathan

    support this post on reddit please

    i fixed it? i changed it to imgur instead of gyazo. is the image link not showing?
  9. Jonathan

    Questing service

    alright, pm me with what you need? @@Koso
  10. if you need questing HMU, if you're an applicant or lower, you need to pay prior to service

  11. Jonathan

    New RSN

  12. Jonathan

    New RSN

      been waiting for over a week to change my name
  13. Jonathan

    Eye Test

    theres way more then 14