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  1. nice vid @Blissful grats fi
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    New like button

    l0l nerdz
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    any compsci nerds?

  4. Fatality clan massed up 55 big green gentlemen, later peaking at 63 on this fine Sunday, our leader's birthday We started the trip by defending east of boneyard allowing rage to hit us. We destroyed them for a short time before foe logged in and rage instantly teled, forcing us to do the same. Set up another fight with rage, with them defending at bandits. We fucked them along the lava line east of bandits until foe logged in on top of us. We teled to bandit camp with our burning amulets and ran west, dragging everyone through the choke, catching huge clumps for us to chin, before we dipped back to edge. We caught word of rage sitting west of bandit camp along the lava, so we hit them from the west, catching big clumps to do massive DPS with our chins and ice barrages. The fight ended when foe and legacy logged in, causing us to dip. We hit foe east of corp, down a few opts but a solid performance from fatality clan, pushing foe around corp hill and having a solid return fight. Cd tried to join the party, hitting from north, but not lasting long before they dipped again. Nice wilderness warring from us against foe until we dipped out to get a bank. Similar to the previous fight, we hit foe down some at boneyard, clearly holding our own against the bigger clan. Some hard battling from fatality, showing our wilderness prowess again in a nice return fight with foe. Amazing trip today thank you all for coming Ty for action today @other clans
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    Hello #Jass

    WB bro
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    Little Project, Episode 1

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    which invy is better

    id bring wizzy boots suffering for high ops w 2 karams 5 brews. 6 brews 1 karam for low op sure, ring is preference low op either b ring of suff
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    lmao ly dogshit
  9. gz but finish mining for base 70s?!
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    Gods work

    Congratulations on your Magic Level 94 @Anthonyplatmann! I have been following your training quest over your application period and I am please to say this is a great achievement! May you continue on your voyage to greatness!
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    LOOOOOOOOL @Conway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l0l0l0l so good
  12. Fatality Friday Double Prepper into Big Saturday and Sunday PK Trips! Be On! #OpticalsEra

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    My Fatality tattoos

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    Lets goooo

    big gz
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    Yes boys

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    Almost Robin Hood

    join me 😂
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    4 man Fi unit gets FAT loot [05/29]

    TY 4 Ags IR Ty 4 split bro !
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    Juice County introoo

    Welcome Juice! GL maxing out. Can't wait for the app and to have another per with us
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    S0z U Dead

    welcome dude
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    Eight Zero