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  1. Update your rsns pls!

    1. technocrat


      Yes please! This can be very confusing for new members. I still have trouble linking names from OSRS, TS, Discord, and forums to the right person. 😅

  2. V1ce

    Finally got the halo

    gimme that gp
  3. V1ce

    G W 4 S INTRO!

    come say hi on ts dude, thats some loyalty i respect right there
  4. V1ce

    G W 4 S INTRO!

  5. V1ce

    Hello lads, sweden tuning in!

    welcome dude!! hope to see an app 😜
  6. V1ce

    Real Crazy Intro

    sup dude, hope to see an app, good clanning xp
  7. V1ce

    10m from justin ez

    justin?? why u taking henrys L's?? @Magic
  8. V1ce

    99 Con :happy:

    cute af
  9. V1ce

    EZ AGS

    3rd in a week, solid!
  10. 3rd ags in a week #fatality
  11. V1ce

    [HCIM] BIG!