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  1. progres

    gj @Mantelis! make sure you max at 99 hp tho pls, be careful with alching mage levels
  2. Not so baby

    grats but that mage level is tragic lol
  3. mage for fatality

    gl on the grind
  4. Some people....

  5. Lucky ironman

    @Ali fuck you, took me 536 for first unique, 911 for bp
  6. Some people....

    @Ziqs60Atk is this you on another acc? forgot ur duelling ring lmfao noob
  7. Another One

    nice pk bro! that how you take a kill pic also perfect
  8. Leadership Promotions

    sick promos! grats all fi winning big time rn
  9. 5k

    nice pet