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  1. Reverting


    I remem you from tlp, hello.
  2. i mean quit the staking addiction@Jayanot the game l0l
  3. So i went down to 50m left, and turned into this.. my addiction is over Hope ur happy with the total number @Lee@Unreal@Covet
  4. What have i done... :c
  5. decent rng kekw +1 kodai split sire got +another dex i dont have photo of +1 dinhs worthless screenshotting +1 buckler in shwedens name, worthless screenshotting
  6. Reverting

    vid gfx

    give me one @Unreal
  7. Welcome to kittytality brother
  8. nah i got it out and moved it before round started lmao
  9. @Tanqe Jrdikke bmw brother, i miss u

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