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  1. 3KC I SWEAR !!! had to hop coz we were pking and killed calisto and someone camped in singles strip in that world!
  2. Ragging raggers!

    smited claws from w18 ragger with ST warlord "aw panic lol" ...trio split
  3. Magician!

    useful even after the 94 for more def against mage ...congrattz !
  4. <3

    fuck that ...i prefer to stay 60 and thinking about 99 pray but dont know yet to i want to bh pk or not @tomelis
  5. someone wanna slave ?

    fuck that clicking
  6. someone wanna slave ?

    who would do me 65-85 contruction with mahogany tables and max out my house after that ...ill pay well ... poke me in ts if u intrested
  7. @Josh

  8. @Josh

    it was weekend bro had some time while afked my own acc at nmz
  9. @Josh

    no pro he was couple lvls only
  10. @Josh

    Grattz! @Josh