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  1. Daily reminder #1

    @James and I would crush @Kenny and  @Single Strip in a 2v2

  2. Paddy

    All Birds Intro

    yoo whatup @All Birds i jsut turned my spare 1 def into a 20 def acc. If you wanna use it while use it for events or whatever just let me know.
  3. Paddy

    Where my niggas at

    Hey I remember you
  4. Paddy

    What else do I need?

    @Tingling Sell the dragon bolts and broad bolts. Buy dragonstone enchanged bolts they are like 600gp each. ALso buy anti-venoms
  5. Paddy

    firecape on the iron

  6. Paddy

    k o kid

    Hey bro, welcome to Fatality. Beyond Gone is an awsome dude, can't wait to meet ya buddy. If you need help with training let me know.
  7. Paddy


    Cannot anyone tell me why @Airborne is ex-rank on forums when he was council for less than a month. Just give the guy proud member. Thanks.
  8. Buying gp poke me on ts

    1. nacho


      ill sell you gp

  9. Buying gp pm me

  10. buying gp pm me on forums

  11. @Jons @Marwan u guys selling gp?


  12. i have a maxed 88 cb. for clan wars
  13. i already have a maxed pure with 52 pray
  14. https://prnt.sc/nfit92 60 att 99 str 2 def.... 99 range 96 hp 44 pray Should I just get 99 pray on it and leave it as a clan wars mage? or should i get 20 def and 70 pray and use it for the wild? Does fi accept 20 def?
  15. Buying Gp pm me on forums or poke me on ts. I;ll be back in a few hours.