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  1. Illinois Clan Meeting!!!!!!

    Who are you?
  2. Buying GP

    Hit me up on Discord. I'm here for like 15 minutes but I won't be back on till like 7est
  3. Sport Injuries

    Broke my nose boxing and if if you count climbing the monkey bars when your in kindergarden playing "woodchips" as a sport injury I also broke my warm.
  4. Someone Explain?

    @Scent Maybe an Iron man was selling to store for GP? Or maybe someone bought from GE and sold them to the store so their ironman could buy them for cheap instead of mining them?
  5. To let you know

    @Mallomar how do you know there's a scout named that? Seems like it's you...
  6. favourite sports?

    Soccer/Basketball/baseball/Boxing/American Football/golf
  7. unlucky....

    zzzzzzzzzzz everytime this shit happens the more i actually believe these games are rigged.
  8. 2018 Promotions

    gj boys most deserved for brian/lee/brennan/v1ce
  9. MFW

    when Liverpool finally buys a defender and then Barcelona comes marching in @Josh @Kwame Nkrumah
  10. Low iq misfits player

    misfits quality
  11. When you don't give up on what you want

    grats. But I don't understand, was it poisoned and you tele'd out? Or were you teleing and got lucky as fuck to get it?
  12. What are your 2018 goals?

    I have never had New Years resolutions and I'm not starting this year.
  13. New year. Same Grind

    @Champloos how many kills an hour/a trip?
  14. 69 Based God

    yes boyssss