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  1. greetings

    On a more serious note, I hope you are hear for the right reasons. If you wanna continue the conversation any further we can message each on the discord. Not too sure how much longer I'll be up though.
  2. greetings

    You should put your money where your mouth is or in this case, your keyboard. Pull out those logs and show everyone I was pming you for "months. You pm'd me first almost every time asking why am I banned/am I unbanned yet. But make sure you show every single line. You and I both know those logs are when I was banned on Fi forums because lil nick thought I was an eop spy. You tried recruiting me into TLP because I was banned on forums and I was confused on why I was banned and a fatality rank took my bank because he was training my account for me. It all worked itself out when lil nick left for eop and I got my account back and it was proven I didn't spy. Here I am, almost 3 years later, still in Fi. Amazing how defensive you got when I mentioned a simple statement. Get over yourself, you have a huge ego. What about joining EOP? FOE?? If you wanna talk about logs why don't you post those logs of you saying Fatality leadership is shit and FI has been in a slump for years and will never change because they refuse to adapt? I'm sure you won't though. Yet here you are on brink of joining because FOE is in a little slump and you have given every other clan a try except Fatality. I get it, you wanna be with friends, and there's some ex tlp/ub guys here. But they didn't go join every clan under the sun before giving Fatality a chance. People like zach/alex where here before when tlp closed and left when ub reopened, then joined FOE with rest of ub guys when ub closed. You're going to ride out a little hype wave for big p2p/f2p trips and then leave and go on to the next clan (like your clan history has shown). I guess there's nothing with that though.
  3. greetings

    lol, you join every single clan but fi when tlp closed. Don't see why you bother'd making an intro on this website but I sure hope it isnt because FOE is in a little slump and you're lookin for an escape plan.
  4. Farmtality in the Making

    @JAHJAHBINKS is this the Jah from the F2P clan EOS back in like 2006
  5. But then @Stigi comes in with the RNG 60 ags spec in the 4th round..... Me when I slowly realize I'm a beast at F keys hehe @Marwan @Kenny
  6. I wonder how all those shitpool fans that live in England feel about Kane and Spurs now. Imagine Spurs winning the first PK in English world cup history


    LOL @Josh

  7. SHITfits is so shook they kicked all their apps.
  8. If you have alot of Revenant Ether

    @Its Me Crvo I bought them for 65 gp each a few days. Put an offer in for on 6 accounts. Sold them the next day for 108gp each. Made almost 30m
  9. When Kenny is high as fuck

    @Halloween wu22 Jason, how you been kid?
  10. When @Kenny is high and starts talking about conspiracy theories. I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Washington.
  11. Is anyone interested in watching Dazed and confused tonight. I'm staying in for the weekend so I wanna catch up on some movies @Kenny movie night?

  12. Back (Ft. Flash Back Friday Misfits)

    literally everyone in mammoths is ex-fi except a particular retard that shall not be named
  13. @Halloween Get your dumb ass lookin ass in here idiot ass ass idiot

    1. Paddy
    2. Ease
    3. Halloween



  14. America already taxes the fuck out of my paycheck taking 38%. As a single white male in America I don't get shit on my tax returns. Now they wanna tax my Runescape gold that I win FAIRLY at the Sand Casino??????? SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Be gone with the liberals at Jagex!


    @utl @James We need to assemable the staking unit before it's too late and get rich before they they take away all my freedoms on this game.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Conway


      it's litterally 1% or less for the stake and overtime gold will be worth more cause they are bringing gravestones to the game as well that cost money to unlock.  

    3. Paddy


      @Conway it's 1% scaling with higher stakes

    4. V1ce
  15. Marhaba

    ahaha shut your black ass pony tail lookin ass up and come talk to me when you graduate college young blood.