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  1. Yes, build quality and expand the great @Brazil spy network. Excellent choice,
  2. @Brazil@Kenny @Josh @Blissful @Pex
  3. @iHardcore time to fire up Arab money and take our talents to the sand casino @Marwan is back 

    1. Marwan


      let me become member before I get cleaned dood

    2. iHardcore


      l0l big facts. time for some Arab money and gassed up shawty

    3. nacho


      @iHardcore eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. yes @iHardcore I agree you the litterally the fucking G.O.A.T. at getting one banged heh

  5. SMH @iHardcore when will these guys learn about the GOAT's?

    1. iHardcore


      bro no idea. they must not know


  6. Paddy


    Is this the Juicy that left and joined sup?
  7. ahh yes the original topic had sitting down winning by a few with like 70+ total votes lmao
  8. I hate motivation video like this. If you can't motivate yourself then you in big trouble already.
  9. Strong Irish Name, welcome.
  10. damn @vibz 1/3 of way there
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