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  1. buying gp pm me on forums

  2. @Jons @Marwan u guys selling gp?


  3. i have a maxed 88 cb. for clan wars
  4. i already have a maxed pure with 52 pray
  5. https://prnt.sc/nfit92 60 att 99 str 2 def.... 99 range 96 hp 44 pray Should I just get 99 pray on it and leave it as a clan wars mage? or should i get 20 def and 70 pray and use it for the wild? Does fi accept 20 def?
  6. Buying Gp pm me on forums or poke me on ts. I;ll be back in a few hours.

  7. Paddy

    The B.O.A.T is back baby!!!!

    ? I get cleaned all the time. I only quit last time because I got put on third shift. I had like 2bill and sold it to Henry lol.
  8. You have all heard of the Greatest of all time or even the B.O.A.T. as in, the Best of all Time. I'm here to tell you about the lesser known B.O.A.T. Paddy McDonough, has risen from the dead after he was killed by the Jews aka @Kenny The Baddest of all time, the guy who chats shit in clan wars inners because he still doesn't use F keys, The baddest of all time, the guy who chats shit in clan wars after actually eating more then 2 food for once. You all know the drill, I'm buying GP. PM me on forums, or poke me on teamspeak if you're selling.e
  9. @Lee Paddy will be making an appearance on Sunday's trip then it's back to being active.

  10. all my friends are dead push me 2 the edge

  11. Paddy

    Polo Intro

    @Polo gl on that pet. I got after like 1.6k kills. My assumption is scorpia is dead now with rev caves though
  12. Xfinity on Demand doesn't have Equalizer 2.


    Doesn't anyone have a link to Equalizer 2? I wanna watch it might go see it by myself tonight haha

  13. Paddy

    oui oui

    I remember you, wuu2 frat boy
  14. Paddy

    Top 3 Flamers/Most toxic guys in FI

    No one can beat @Marwan when he's been out drinking and actually starts talking shit. I don't think I ever met a anyone that tries to flame as hard as Marwan when he's hammered. There are no other big flamers.
  15. Paddy

    Crumble Crumble Faggots

    IDK about hita but jurk was dedicated as fuck