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  1. HELLO !!!f!!!!!!A

    yeah buy me a blowpipe for stealing my name
  2. went clubbin

    Kinell lad, your t-shirts hanging off your back.. can't go out looking like a scruff
  3. we go again

    yeah i made this account after soyaki got me banned, its 72 range like
  4. we go again

    I'm going to have a go at this scape stuff again, after a 2+ year break. if somone could Send me the password for @ and change the name to KarlLFC taking any range training supplies too
  5. Excuse me

    RM what's happening lad. Forza MK
  6. Excuse me

    ino, im joking
  7. Excuse me

    i do, dropkick stole it
  8. Excuse me

    Who stole my account name @@karl and changed mine to @