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  1. Alive

    hh bro, first thing I did was sent it back, even screened it for you. Didn't it come through? If not, contact Paypal.
  2. Alive

    How have you been boys? Long time no see. Been caught up with Fortnite lately. Is clanning still any good?
  3. Selling GP

    New stock, 60M.
  4. Selling GP

    will do.
  5. Selling GP

    Bogla's rate is 1/1.21.
  6. Selling GP

    1.10 is my rate, ill be on tomorrow
  7. Selling GP

    Selling 07 gp, current stock is 63M.
  8. Buy 100m GP

    I have 63M in stock for you.
  9. OSRS GP Stock

    Restock 60m!
  10. OSRS GP Stock

    63M stock left!
  11. OSRS GP Stock

    Still for sale, Locals not replying so far.
  12. OSRS GP Stock

    Can u be on tomorrow around 18:00 GMT+1 my time?
  13. OSRS GP Stock

    I'll get back to you once Finest has replied, should be in a few hours.
  14. OSRS GP Stock

    Selling for 1.15/m to Finest unless someone bids higher.
  15. OSRS GP Stock

    What's good homie