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  1. Discord ID is now added to Profile.

    oh first btw.
  2. Discord ID is now added to Profile.

    i change it alrdy.
  3. Returntabs

    i know that haha got normal drags in bank aswell ;x
  4. 95 Farming :-)

  5. Returntabs

    not even rejoined yet tbh tab needs more shit
  6. progres dont stop :)

    grats =[]
  7. Progress still going on :)

    deppens on price -]
  8. Another juan

  9. Progress still going on :)

    thankyou daddy @Joey
  10. Construction!

    looks like a little house
  11. Progress still going on :)

    yes.. i quest mith gloves for this week xD
  12. Baby pure grind

    nice progress man.