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  1. About Time

    I sold stuff long the way but probably made like 350m.
  2. Cookie ain't got shit on ya boy

    I will when I'm at Vetion
  3. Cookie ain't got shit on ya boy

    Sell me some RNG
  4. @Hilda

    Its like 600k/hr for me but I mainly jut want to get the pet
  5. @Hilda

    No Pet
  6. Birthday Luck!

    Grats! Now let me borrow some of that rng
  7. Maxed my Acc

    I would already be back if the timezones worked for me
  8. Maxed my Acc

    3.9k so far
  9. 2nd Vissy (No pet yet)

    Coming for your record

  11. 98 HP

    @Kevo @Hilda Camping it till I get the pet was the plan