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  1. Jake_


    make 1 fazey
  2. Jake_

    ~ New Era

    nice i just finished mm2 on my pure so i should b done with most quests for r gloves soon
  3. Jake_

    Practising my edits / Critique me bby

    looks nice to me man
  4. Jake_

    *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    Was thinking of @robbyy award haha
  5. Jake_

    *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    Was thinking of @robbyy award haha
  6. Jake_

    *** Real Nigga Awards 2018 ***

    Really @Couck I think you owe me an award
  7. Jake_


    Nice skills, time to max now?
  8. Jake_

    anotha' one

    Wish this wasn't the truth of my past actions. Sorry guys, I get the message.
  9. Jake_

    anotha' one

    :/ gotcha
  10. Jake_

    anotha' one

    I was in ub for like a week, made 0 events, and was there only for my guy Versace
  11. Jake_

    anotha' one

    think of the children
  12. Jake_

    anotha' one

    last time I was in fi I just stopped playing and now I just want come back
  13. Jake_

    anotha' one

    I'm sorry lee I'm so sorry Anqi my man re-app. Hi Stigi its been a long time! Sup tim WARRRRRRRRR
  14. Jake_

    anotha' one

    come on friend last time we had a blast (until I quit again)