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  1. honestly. that intro is #1
  2. PLEASE READ!!!!

    so fucking ugly
  3. Never forget your glorys boys.

  4. TBT

  5. you dont risk enough.
  6. lul fking virgin nerd

    holy fuck cunt, bic boy
  7. 3 More

    accounts coming along nicely bruz
  8. Must of been a 4nr

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  9. Must of been a 4nr

    Smoked this retard at wests. must of forgot to put protect item on or w/e but easy 1.8m
  10. Meh

    wtf you gunna do you fucking tea drinking crumpet eating yellow toothed dole bludging town housing living mother fucker
  11. So, this just happened.

    gz bruz
  12. Meh

    yes very true. probably smarter aswell XD because almost completely afkable for 15 minutes or w/e