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  1. hii

    <3 u all
  2. hii

    hello, i am starting to play again. currently mining (lvl 75) to build my bank enough for zulrah gear. after i get zulrah gear i am going to grind for prep gear and apply again. i know i was never big into clan but i am happy to be back and happy to see y'all thriving
  3. hi

    <3 hope all is well !
  4. hi

    hello, real life stuff has taken priority over runescape. just wanted to say hi i love u and miss u but i need to leave u baby. i don't plan on playing again so if anyone needs a maxed ags pure let me know:) peace and love, piff
  5. mark0

    welcome good luck with maxing!
  6. Ancient mace

    def worth gz man!
  7. Maxed <3

    gz dude
  8. Lil Herb, Lil Farm & Heron btw

    lmao you dirty bastard!
  9. 90 Range :)

    gz my dude
  10. hp/cb up

    good job kevo! keep grindin
  11. What to do?

    prayer. or wait till d bone prices drop!

    happy christmas!
  13. Farmtality

    daaamn get it!! very nice man.