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  1. Brazil


    welcome man u can merch with god rage
  2. Brazil


    yo what up
  3. Brazil


    what up man nice to see you stopping by
  4. Clans died today we owned today we had fun today It's been awesome happy 13 years fi
  5. Today we feast again. Be Prepared it's a whole different fight today let's get this shit. 

  6. Brazil

    N D F ( Tommy ) Re intro

    Welcome man nice to see you
  7. Brazil

    Idol / Zach P (Re-Intro)

    yo welcome man nice to have u
  8. Nice vid thanks for vidding time to own sunday trip now
  9. Brazil

    Chesty's re-introduction

    I have no idea who you are maybe if some1 can vouch they kno u
  10. Brazil

    Happy birthday fi

    thanks for vidding good shit today please get your computer fixed l0l
  11. How many times did dmk and lord ex die today l0l
  12. Brazil


    Welcome to the clan gamer
  13. Brazil

    Testified intro

    welcome man
  14. Brazil

    13 years baby

    ye what up dog 13 years holla at us BANG BANG
  15. Brazil

    Believe Fate intro

    I am happy you are here and I have missed you old friend. Welcome home buddy, I look forward to serving with you again
  16. Brazil

    Og Intro

    what up
  17. Brazil

    New Sponsor!

    I want a bigger discount party pete if that is ur real name
  18. Pretty sweet trip good shit!
  19. Brazil

    Knights - Introduction

    Welcome back man
  20. what about joseph
  21. Brazil

    Feels atm

    nice man you ask her to marry u
  22. Brazil

    Britney spears is pregnant

    wtf baited