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  1. Brazil


    hey man nice to see u
  2. Brazil


    wants both leader mentality
  3. Brazil

    pls dont flame dude

    whats up dude just so happens the leaders are both hoes
  4. Brazil

    Slip Up's Introduction

    whats up killa
  5. Brazil

    Zulrah btw :)

    you fucking own bro
  6. Brazil

    Misfits rank about f2p after today

    I hope they dont forget what we did to them 2 months ago whatever we're going to have to remind them
  7. Brazil

    My niggas (literally)

    hell yeh fam
  8. Brazil

    Hi! Any oldschool FI players still around?

    Hey buddy good to see you
  9. Brazil

    Hello It Me

    whats up man nice to see you back
  10. Brazil

    Cara Italia - Intro

    Nice to see you, good luck on your application if you have any questions pm a member +
  11. Brazil


    tell her nah its spooky season