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  1. The Road to Riches!

    thats good shit dude looks fun
  2. cool

    you own bro
  3. hey whisky ~_^

    thats my friend
  4. some f2p kills in 20mins

    where my real niggas at
  5. Whatever dude

    when you're rich you only care about #swag
  6. Whatever dude

    @Brian | Sly Waffle didn't have a wizard robe top
  7. ?

    good and u
  8. @everyone

  9. The loudest things in the world

    whatever dude thats my friend
  10. Don't care either way staff of light was a good staff that cost 1m staff of dead is was 7m?
  11. Structure Augmentation!

    Congratulations guys, very proud keep moving forward.
  12. Info / Assistance

  13. IM A TITAN!!!

    Good shit man