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  1. Attention all pure clans in just under a month, Fatality will be closing it's application process. For the first time it what seems like a decade we are able to do so. The only way to get into Fatality after this time period is proving your loyalty to the clan, and the others that stand before it. What I mean by that is, the only way you will get into this clan is by spying. Pm any Fatality official to discuss your options, confidential of course.
  2. That guy sound like he got a sinus infection
  3. Brazil


    Yo dude pretty cool goal
  4. You’re not getting in keep cry tho it’s free
  5. Nah We good fam dog shit attitude for a mediocre player
  6. For Mother Fi.

  7. Brazil


    when they started talking a different language i stopped listening
  8. You have a lot of swag let me cop some
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