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  1. Brazil


    getting huge omg
  2. Brazil

    Hello, Fi Clan

    welcome man
  3. Brazil


    so you play an iron man? we all play those too welcome to community man!
  4. Brazil

    FI = Family

    Welcome back to clan fi
  5. Brazil

    A Hero's Return.

    Welcome back man nice to have you
  6. Brazil

    Make Fi Great Again

  7. Brazil

    Fi Means Family

    Hello friend
  8. Brazil

    Safe's Intro

    Was not here before the ban
  9. Brazil

    I'm back gamers

    hello welcome back
  10. Brazil


    Yo what's up welcome
  11. Brazil

    Canifis Steve

    I am brazil from zanaris
  12. Brazil

    Hey brothers

    They always do mang
  13. Brazil

    Hi Fam.

    Welcome back.
  14. Move together as a unit listen to the calls DON'T STICK OUTSIDE OF OUR CLUMP, and eat your food and WE will take home the WIN.  Kick some names and take some ass boys

  15. Brazil


    Let me get some monkfish