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  1. Brazil

    New member Introduction

    Hey man nice to see you. You know anyone in fi?
  2. Nice f2p win vs ir tonight Fatality! 

  3. Reminder to be online for the first to 50s vs Apex Friday night 

    Mass at 6:00 PM EST | 11:00 PM GMT

    Start at 6:30 PM EST | 11:30 PM GMT

  4. Brazil


    Nice job everyone. Keep moving forward!
  5. fucking owned dogs i couldnt see shit but owned
  6. Brazil

    2 out of the way, 2 more to go

    nice levels keep it up
  7. Brazil

    oh my god its a g-g-goth

    yo welcome back
  8. Brazil


  9. Brazil

    Back home

    yup Welcome back buddy nice to have you again
  10. Brazil

    Control Pker Intro

    hey dude
  11. Brazil

    Ahh yes farmtality

    some owner shit right there good job
  12. Brazil

    hi my names -

    What up welcome back
  13. Brazil

    so do i get legend now?

    sure man sign the contract