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  1. thoughts?

    I'm good when they site name is bbc thanks
  2. coming after you lee

    you get mith gloves yet
  3. new start

    you done getting mith gloves yet
  4. sanity is lost at this point

    I don't blame you
  5. did you know?

  6. Post your best rap lines below...

  7. 1 More

    damn dude you own
  8. It was an accident.

  9. poggers

    what up what u name him
  10. Pk tab + how to use it

    I don't die so i just got shit laying everywhere
  11. Pure rags intro

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? answer i found u guys trough google did you google fatality?
  12. fwfwffwe

    what up
  13. bpaptu numeral

    make that wine
  14. 00111000 00110101

    My boy owning some catches!