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  1. Brazil

    All Birds Intro

    reindeer helm and snowballs making the return ayy nice to see you again
  2. Brazil

    woot x2

    sick job dude
  3. Brazil

    Pkown Intro

    gl with whatever you decide man
  4. Brazil

    Clarkeh | Introduction

    yo how you doing
  5. Brazil


  6. Brazil

    Craw Bow Drop!

    huge pvmers
  7. Brazil


    Nah we're good thanks tho
  8. all clans that attempted a 1v1 against us today lost
  9. Brazil

    Ahh yes we livin

    wish i could get 99 str
  10. Brazil

    anso the cat intro!

  11. Brazil

    You don't have to be lonely

    you are forever stuck in fatality now you got the 99 farming cape gratz