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  1. 99 HP Ranged and Mage!

    Mf suck but gz
  2. xJH/ Higz

    Thanks bro, hopefully more old members come back, i want to wipe shitty eop off the map.
  3. xJH/ Higz

    What is your real life first name? Jordan Who introduced you to Fatality? Started off in fi back in sept 2015 ascent had closed and i realised few members came here so i followed, was on off in fi 2015 never joined another hpc i just couldnt do it, name was higz motion you will remember me more than likely. What are your hobbies? Football, gambling and smashing people about on gta xbox 1 + bridding on my maxed 60 att on w00nscape What is your current RuneScape name? x JH What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Ascent,fi, mpc -cd , imperial v2, doom v1 and currently in doom lpc, anarchy, vengeance on my zerk/tank, impulse singles team/ talibans singles team. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Have fun pking and get back in touch with old mates Do you plan on joining Fatality? Maybes gunna chill on ts when my nets back up on thursday catch up with old mates and see if i can manage fi around doom. Anything else: For hpc ive always bled green, hope i can come home squad, add me in game x jh
  4. Past Weeks Gains

    Gzz ps aao suck
  5. A Decade Of Fatality

    Smashing rd at the begining of the year when they eventually decided to prep us in p2p
  6. When idiots lure

    Easy gps
  7. help me with return tab

    1 u can show me ur tab anyways thoo
  8. help me with return tab

    Good return tab example pls
  9. best lpc to join?

    Look me up, Took me two months to get my stats from tut island. You can do it Fatality is the best overall clan out there despite what others say.imo lpc/mpc clans aren't really worth it since they hold you back from joining the best type of clan which is HPC. Would you rather smite and ags or a dscim Kappa mate im not new lol i had a maxed clanning account got no worries about training, done hpc al before and im just not ready to return yet cant put in the time and commitment to rejoin fi atm