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  1. ApeJr


    Still lil
  2. ApeJr

    Abyssal Bludgeon

    What are thoseeeee
  3. ApeJr

    Is it still " small " ?

    Needs more Ancients staffs/Ahrim's & Dramens/Slayer Staff for long return fights.
  4. Was thinking the same thing lmao.
  5. ApeJr

    Chess Boyz!

    Do my firecape... What my GP no good?
  6. 2k15 kids do love that shit & you got the love... might aswell run with it.
  7. ApeJr

    1k total

    What's that thing beside your name?
  8. The guy beside me got 90 mage too "Late Uh" Said hes joining fi too he be in cc help him out. 78/80 range
  9. ApeJr

    #FiSkillers ft. 15m xp

    I think with the axe's
  10. ApeJr

    live from the gutter

    Not avaliable
  11. ApeJr

    All Tyrones mentees are blessed

    Lucky can't wait till i start bossing
  12. ApeJr

    Dear clan of fatality!

    @@Spireite Got the juice now.