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  1. thanyel

    Loot from 100k Cballs (Wildy Slayer)

  2. thanyel

    Loot from 100k Cballs (Wildy Slayer)

    The feels when u gotta RIP the beautiful 100k stack.
  3. Hey guys, welcome to my latest progress. The motivation behind this goal is to get 99 range and hopefully 80 slayer by the time I finish this, so I can max out my mage and hp at nechryaels. I usually try to skip tasks for demon tasks (black demon/gdz/lessers) as IMO, they're the best exp/h. Although, lately, I've been loving green drag tasks, as they bring in a TON of gp and help in paying for all of my cannon usage. So, the initial start begins, I plan to post every 2-3 days (loot tab, exp gains, levels[if any levels are achieved] and anti-pk's). Stay tuned, iRek. Initial starting tab
  4. thanyel


    ayyyy LEO. lets get it
  5. thanyel

    1-80 Slayer (wild only)

    thanks lads, I've been working on mage so my slayer grind is pre lame atm. But I just hit 70!!!!
  6. thanyel

    1-80 Slayer (wild only)

    yeee bro, pre funn :]
  7. Soooo what's up guys, it's Rek, today I've decided that I want to track my progress and share it with all of you, in hopes of getting more of us slaying in the wild. In the beginning of my grind, I did 1-55 Range/Mage and got 50 slay, at that point I decided to say fuck baby pures, and turned my acc into an AGS clan/pk acc, and got my pray. From this point, the real exp started coming in. If you're looking for best exp, I'd recommend just spending points to skip shitty tasks, but if you're looking to hoard points, just do all the tasks I guess (although, I wouldn't recommend this). In my opinion, wild slayer actually makes you more aware, let's you be more ballzy, and last but not least, it gives you a reward for your efforts in training. Like, who doesn't want to see something materialistic stem from clicking a mouse right? xD Anyways, here are a couple pics, indicating my progress; 1-65 Slay Tab (an additional 1M should be added to value because of ring of wealth collection.) FIRST PIC And currently, I'm sitting at 69 slay, this tab includes the loot table from Dusties, since I've been bursting them a lot. SECOND PIC
  8. thanyel

    Luv new updates :D

    Ez money, ez life. XD
  9. thanyel

    Thanyel's intro

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? X God Rage X (like 3 yrs ago) II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? OH YEAH. III. What is your current RuneScape Name? iRek IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Pre-eoc I was in FOE and team outbreak but other than that, no further experience. V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? 65 Slayer for bursting dust devils (currently 61/65) 90 Strength 90 Ranged 94 Mage 52 Pray VI. Anything else you'd like to add? I'm a pretty chill guy and I love talking with people so feel free to chat me up anytime!
  10. thanyel

    The Stages of Creation.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Welcome to my account. My goals are to achieve a maxed out initiate pure and eventually turn it into an rp whilst training my baby ini to maxed as well. Currently, I'm working on all of the skills for the ardy cloak 4 while also prioritizing combat stats for warring, clanning, etc. I will be questing to barrow gloves eventually, but for now I'm in the mindset of maintaining my account as initiate long term. If you have any constructive feedback, please feel free to leave a reply so I can add it to my progress thread. The following lists are items, skills, and other minimal goals a rune pure should have. As I progress through my goals, I will tick off things I've achieved. Furthermore, I will be posting random progress that looks pretty but essentially is rendered irrelevant. I merely wish to track my progress to maintain a certain level of motivation. Thanks, Thanyel. ITEMS: Armadyl Godsword Ranger Set (Boots and Hat) Amulet of Fury Ghostly Robes Zamorak Cloak Zamorak Halo Leaf Bladed Sword Slayer Staff Staff of Iban Slayer Helmet (i) Barrows Gloves Lunar Spells Ancient Magicks Ava's Accumulator Crystal Bow Mithril Defender Initiate Armour Prosylete Armour Rune Defender Void Armor - Mage - Melee - Range Elite Void Figher Torso Fire Cape Zammy Book God Spells Salve Ammy (ei) Berserker ring (i) Archer's ring (i)[ Dragon Scim Dragon Long/Dragon Dagger [Addy/Barrow] Gloves Barrelchest Anchor Climbing Boots Bearhead RFD Skill requirements: 70 Cooking 53 Fishing 50 Mining 50 Woodcutting 48 Agility 40 Smithing Ardy Cloak 4 requirements: 90 Cooking 81 Fishing 82 Thieving 85 Smithing 70 Fletching 85 Farming 85 Agility 94 Magic 60 Hunter 65 Runecrafting Quest Points : [98/176] As of 09/04/15 Stats: [75/75] Attack [77/99] Strength [82/99] Ranged [89/99] Mage [45/52] Prayer [20/20] Defence Just got 75 attack: 09/02/15
  12. thanyel

    Thanyel's Intro

    What is your real life name? Nathanial Who introduced you to Fatality? Nate/Lil Lucky (now unadjusted) What are your hobbies? Biking, being a playboy, reading, rs. What is your current RuneScape name? Thanyel What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Was in Tribulation for 2 yrs. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Maxing out as a 25 def pure Do you plan on joining Fatality? Yes Anything else: Nah, nothing else really.