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  1. Yup.

    Mans going hard as fuck. Good shit
  2. Hi it me.

    ayy good shit fam, keep it up
  3. Titan btw

    Ay big man darky
  4. GoldToScape

    quick shoutout to our sponsor
  5. FI gwas streamer

    mogtime out here giving us a shoutout
  6. Hell yeah, keep up the grind my man
  7. Clusters were fun. Nice stuff today boys, big pull tomorrow.
  8. is that your cyka or

    big grats big man
  9. Well then.

    Ayy welcome back bud
  10. baby progress

    Hell yeah, nice dude keep it up
  11. Fatality on my body

    Will this be available in the forum store to buy with FiCoins?
  12. Baby Pure Progress Thread

    Cool stuff dude, although sorry to hear about your dad man
  13. Your a wizard Harry!

    Ayyy hell yeah bro keep it up!