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  1. Leadership Promotions

    i see u all rn, espesially my @Whisky baby
  2. sell me gp

    title ^ @ any1 selling
  3. nmz ready, time 2 afk

    pretty sure i posted then on anti defence when i was joining fi lol lend me 5m @0bbyx
  4. esketit esketit
  5. i cry everytime

  6. i cry everytime

    what a day to be alive
  7. 2018 Promotions

    @Lee gz bb Gz to the rest Look at that veteran rank looking all juicy.
  8. omw

  9. omw

    my irl friend got 2 def in 2k17
  10. omw

    @Whisky discord me so we can get this going bb
  11. :)

    almost huge
  12. i cry everytime

    it will never be deleted... @Franco has the best one imo
  13. hi

    come join me i have enough space for a little one.
  14. i cry everytime

    @Kenny is getting me an acc to use.
  15. i cry everytime

    once upon a time in fatality 1 like = 1 pray for sanfew @Charlie@Whisky@James@0bbyx@LEX@Franco@Rigo@Josh@Spireite@Tyrone