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    Money, bitches and lifting weights...oh and Runescape.
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  1. Romi

    zacks(LSA) workout log

    Sounds good, get on some gear lol.
  2. Romi

    98 Attack 101 CB!

    Awesome man!!! The new 1 def God!
  3. I'm a faggot for @@Kevo
  4. Going to California in April to visit my sisters! We've never met just texted and face timed, they're on my dads side. Also I'll be visiting Golds Gym in Venice California/Muscle Beach.
  5. Romi

    Eyy update

    fuck it up
  6. Romi

    30 def!

    Scared me
  7. Romi

    70 :P

  8. Romi

    99 :-)

    this is what u been doin?
  9. Romi

    Prayer grind

    @@Lemon @@Kevo Beautiful account, i had your same build before i got attack
  10. Romi


    i read this in his bitchy ass voice
  11. Romi

    Still can play rs :)

    Lol wtf thats dedication right there