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  1. 94-99 cost me like 38m if I remember and that was at bandits getting like 140k xp/h
  2. Damon

    All Birds comeback

    sup beeotch
  3. Damon

    new baby pure idea

    f2p pure, 1 def 1 magic 1 prayer 40 atk 99 str/range
  4. Damon

    real banger

    ok frazee1 shadow has spoken i must listen atm sorry u have a shit taste in music but im not mexican or obese
  5. Damon

    real banger

    nah seems like every other song sampling enya
  6. Damon

    Best breakfast ever.

    Yee bro this was only my breakfast/first meal of the day. @@Cayo It's not about the taste, it's about the protein my friend. @@Damon then eat a fken container of greek yogurt and granola w/ protein lol
  7. Damon

    Another Brideo :)

    i dont even..
  8. Damon

    im about to order a new game computer

    I have 4 monitors and doing multiple things at once. I couldn't play world of warcraft and runescape together without lagspikes. now i should be able to do so wrong you don't understand what your components do, go download some more RAM and your hampster should run faster
  9. Damon

    im about to order a new game computer

    never heard of a msi 970 processor.. get 8 gb of ddr3 ram or 16 if you feel like having a lot of useless memory but 32 is just stupid lol. overall its going to absolutely murder cs:go, shit i could build a 700$ pc that could murder cs:go less memory, maybe spend your money more wisely on SSD and harddrive because I'm sure both of those aren't the best you can currently get for their price range. reddit.com/r/buildapcsales for an idea of some components you can get for a cheaper sale price basically every day of the week
  10. Damon

    Best breakfast ever.

    them herbs burnt as fuk m8
  11. Damon

    Best breakfast ever.

    cold cottage cheese and warm eggs, yeah no.
  12. Damon

    Computer help

    google it so I don't have to do it for you. here's a phrase to search even, "best gaming laptop 2016"
  13. Damon

    who recruited you?

    i tried recruiting him before he joined fi hehe