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  1. 19th

    amazing my friend
  2. first trip in 3years, was fun to be back, still strong like always
  3. Smashing!

    i see you
  4. i love you bro
  5. don't mess with me
  6. 2 more

    keep it going boss man
  7. Ahh yes, 2/3

    getting it big boy
  8. Biggest PK so far

    Why can’t I find people like that?
  9. Some gains :)

    Nice stuff you got there
  10. Monday Night W/ Commentary

    My first trip in a while I had a amazing time just back to the old days clearing every clan. nice job on the vid btw
  11. New Cape, New me.

    beast acccccc
  12. selling 90 day membership code

    i moved back to lousiana, but yah thats me lol how you been tyrone? i fucken miss you
  13. imbued cape :D

    nice job brotha