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  1. iFluxy

    i remember you from w32 your lalos best friend right. DF AND TB in w32 ehhhh
  2. Jagex Runelite Statement

    bunch of noobs cant skill/pvm/pk without clients lmfao brids in 2018 cant brid without timers lel lellelelelleleleelellele
  3. Night Night

    mfw niggas think 99 atk is the meta gratz tho who will be the first to 30 defence?
  4. Hola

    remember when we went 39 def like 2 weeks later l0l
  5. Vice's Funeral

    fucking love it l00l !seen V1ce
  6. Jaimy memb app

    ahh i see
  7. Moshi Moshi

  8. Fucking love it

  9. <3 Couck

    dont blame the ex fi members get your official members up to speed if i wasn't so busy i would be on everyday @Kwame Nkrumah
  10. Structure Augmentation!

  11. old but gold

  12. Breaking records v3

    aye gratz
  13. I'm Still A Noob

  14. Trust no one

    lmfao love the hard r
  15. [Area 52 leak]Nightm8 has been Removed

    In life you don't trust anyone not even yourself and on a game i trust non but 1 stop getting ur shit done by someone who just walts in for 5 seconds smfh lmfao