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  1. old but gold

  2. Breaking records v3

    aye gratz
  3. I'm Still A Noob

  4. Trust no one

    lmfao love the hard r
  5. [Area 52 leak]Nightm8 has been Removed

    In life you don't trust anyone not even yourself and on a game i trust non but 1 stop getting ur shit done by someone who just walts in for 5 seconds smfh lmfao
  6. Promotions

    congratz everyone wish i could be on like i used to @Josh will always be the man who cares what rank he is at because in most of our eyes he is still top dog.
  7. how dutch people try to bully people

    But then u realize no 1 cares about dutch people lmfao
  8. But then u realize they r dutch no 1 cares about the dutch lmfao
  9. SICK CLUTCH in RoT Tourney

    it was a onyx bolt spec btw
  10. @Misfits members

  11. New Account

    why did u get 13 def on ur other pure... @iHardcore
  12. When v1ce to scared to brid but i still smack niggas

    you wish easy ass 5m lmfao
  13. All I do is Slay Slay Slay

    how u get elder lol