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    bank wos made
  2. Hi I’m Victimn

    hi nice 2 meet u
  3. Lets Be Real

    pce dog
  4. Nawrus Progress thread

    90 range
  5. About Time

    fuckin hell man , loot tab?
  6. Hello you cunts

  7. yoinks

  8. New 1 defence range and mage prayers

    Yeh i see where your coming from. I personally think it would be a good edition it wouldnt be too over powered just a new thing for high level pures.
  9. New 1 defence range and mage prayers

    Magic wouldnt give anymore damage it would just give accuracy. And the range would only be like 2-3 damage higher.
  10. New 1 defence range and mage prayers

    Mixed reviews so far. Can you give me a reason why you wouldnt want it, rather than no doesnt need it. Iv also proposed that the prayers be useable in f2p aswell
  11. What would be the general feedback on new prayers inbetween rigour and augury accesable to 1 defence as a possible raids 2 reward . Ive been tweeting jagex trying to get them to straw poll it . I think it would be a great addition to runescape as im a bit gutted we didnt get rigour and augury. I loved rigour and augury pre eoc . if youv got a twitter tweet the jmods and show your support for it only way we have a chance . edit: link to the twitter thread cheers guys
  12. Toe Sucking

  13. you never quit. only take breaks