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  1. Good luck Fatality y'all got this

  2. 1_S

    yo wassup

    What is your real life name? Alex What are your hobbies? 52395-123 403 3922912 What is your RuneScape history? Fatality fatality and fatality What are your goals for your RuneScape account? 1239583334 Do you plan on joining Fatality? ye once i find a pure Anything else: lookin to buy a pure
  3. 1_S

    come @ me legend!!!!!!!!!!!

    stop skipping leg day
  4. 1_S

    Yo wassup

    What is your IRL Name?Alex What is your Runescape Name?Pm4lessons/1_S Are you planning on being involved in this community?Ye What are your real life goals?To go on a date with bamf