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    2nd Week, 2nd 99 craft. + Farm

    good good
  2. After an incredible F2P Saturday we carried our momentum into P2P Sunday, we managed to get multiple 1v1's ending in clean sweeps on IR & BP. Fatality attempted to get even for the punishment that was dished out to them yesterday..unfortunately they found themselves with a lack of intel & organization leaving them clueless and unable to scratch the surface of Legacy's great defenses. Better luck next time!

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    Sorry Excuse for cp

    calling sounds about as good as a freight train smacking a hopeless man walking on the tracks. shit show nonetheless
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    Dear Disabled Main Clan Users

    crumble crumble idiots
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    Next 99 coming

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    Hey FI

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    82 mining

    gz brothermen! skill til you drop
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    yes the boy frank!
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    obby obey ob obbE
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    Farmtality V2

    best iron pure
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    SS Introduction

    ah yes my birthday twin welcome g
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    Fi Means Family

    welcome g
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    Nothing big

    yes lad. glad to have more skillers around ❤️
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    Make Fi Great Again

    welcome g
  17. proud of fatality clan. let's keep grinding and get some more wins under our belts. ❤️