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  1. Would you rather....

    Be blind for a year and then have $1 Million dollars after or Cure 1 blind person of any age, could be an infanct...
  2. Darky Poetry

    roses are red violets are blue next trip im going to kill you
  3. Practising my edits / Critique me bby

    you started getting scared huh?
  4. They filming game of throens season 8 right now and one of the battles apparently took 55 consecutive days to film. Thats more than double the days of any other scene they shot.....55 days!!!!! What does a battle that took 55 days to shoot even look like?? Man i'm hyped as fuck for Game of thrones season 8 Link to the article
  5. Rate My Setup

    i might update a picture just so i can have a before and after since im moving soon and upgrading everything
  6. I watch Tyler1 on twitch and on Youtube I watch a lot of hip hop news outlets, and highlight channels for NBA/League. The top 10 shit is pretty entertaining too. A few years ago I used to watch cooking channels non stop, interesting to see how what I watch has changed. wat about yall?
  7. Fatality's Saturday Smash

    A for effort jit...
  8. this is the Logic I wanted back.

    yeah he gets so many streams every song has like 3m plays on spotify all ready, streams helps him a shit ton. i listened to half of it and got bored of it though, judging by the intro of the album you can already tell hes forcing himself to make a certain type of music based on the content of the few few songs and idk it just aignt for me
  9. this is the Logic I wanted back.

    Ill give him another shot and listen to the album he just dropped but if its his usual corny self im done with that nigga
  10. Inners KO/Tank :D

    damn not bad thats best way to improve at the game , just record all your gameplay and watch over it