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  1. Yooooooo

    i remember u from carnage and havoc
  2. Before you all say i got insanely lucky blah blah "3 tbows in 700 kc lmao jons fuck you nigger" My last 5 drops in like 200 raids has literally been bulwark, 2 solo arcanes, 1 solo dragonthrowing axe, 3 arcanes in group and 2 dex prayer scrolls (approx.) I earned this shit bitch
  3. gp

    so where the fuck you been
  4. GOLEM!

    ;lmao gz
  5. Don't fuck with Jons

    live and learn youngin
  6. Feels good to feel good
  7. Brandon Intro

    i literally got all the good combinations of DNA i coulda gotten my mom is lightskin, the entire rest of my family tree ive ever met is blacker than a car tire. My dad is 5'6 apparently from what my family has told me and my moms 5'6 too but i came out 6'2 my sister came out fucking 5'3. I gotta show you a old ass family pic one day its funny as fk I god silky smoothe skin complection, tall, handsome, genetically blessed with a 6pack when i was 15 and i got a big cock too. Other than the white man not hiring me and trying to stop me in life i cant rly complain
  8. Brandon Intro

    i did ancestry report, came back i'm 100% african american decent with absolute no european DNA in my system
  9. Brandon Intro

    waddup brandon from the shit i been with u , u a chill ass white boy gl and smh this whole DNA ancestry hype got white people feeling curious, i bet it was becuz of hip hop they tired of their daughters twerking to these hippotiy hop negro songs pretty soon they gonna feel racially enclined enough to say nigga!!
  10. Night Night

  11. 9 more and jons will notice me

    I almost got excited...but then
  12. jons is handing out free pizzas

    Literally most luckiest DH pker in the world
  13. making stams is fuckin aids bro

    my man trynna make ovls ay?
  14. Raids 2 Release Date!

    shiiiiiet 30 days to get infernal cape @Conway vs @Cookie yall gootta race
  15. 12 Years Strong!

    let the record show i was a surger with only mage vs a n-ranger lol and i was piled earlier that round and almost beat him