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    u could have 10k post if u didnt join siege xd
  2. Sorry to hear what happened to your clan, but like I said I wholeheartedly apologize if I ever was a toxic person in your life. I am learning and growing. #selfaccountability 💛 #Repost If anyone feels/felt I am/was a toxic person, I truly hope you feel safe enough to be able to talk with someone regarding my behavior, and/or reach out to me in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be direct toward me, use other person to be mediate/self heal or message/see me. I’m here and I will believe you too. I want you to heal too. #SolidarityWithYou @Marwan @robbyy @goth @Tyler @Dynamic@Anqi @Maxed Jackal @Riley @Caroline
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    ah yes
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    i asked ranks no1 move it 😕
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    We are going to keep Fatality great. Tyendinaga - Well done.
  7. I never wanted to make this topic to give them any attention, but I felt it was necessary to do it to tell their members that their leadership doesn't care. Anyways, let's start with Dull who got dumped by girls like Floor, Caroline, and many more. I don't blame on those girls. I mean who wants to dating with emotional kid, angry problems, and many more. Dull is the kind of guy who lives in the basement with his parents. He don't have any job, education, and many more. Reference to this link. After his claims and I am going to double check with his "girlfriend" that he claimed. You can see Caroline said he's not my boyfriend. It means Caroline and Trajan fucked each other, source tell Elit3 Bs3r. Before you said it's fake picture, etc.. Here it is. Anyways, lets start with other subject. Their Robbyy is quite disappointed what their mental retarded, Dull done. Did you know that Siege canceled 2 Pk trips straight due to 12 pull men. I feel so bad for them. Like I said, Siege members, you are welcome to join Fi since your leader Dull doesn't care anymore when Caroline put a lot of efforts on it and Dull done nothing. Dull haven't made any topic or status or hype topic about Siege Pk trips, because he lost his motivation after Trajan fucked Caroline. I feel so bad for Dull. Haha, why would I feel bad for Dull? Fuck that dude. Many members are leaving their clan. Notable honors: Dynamic, WizzyG, and many more. Since I only name both because they're valuable. I decided to interview with their leader, Dull. You can see that he said they're only CLW team. When their leader Caroline spamming on her status/topic and telling people to be on for pk trip. Uh oh, it's not going to be good for them since they're struggling a lot. Message me on Discord Joseph#1427 if you would like to join Fi or leak your clan include topics and many more before you guys close. Make sure you pm me on Discord to make a lot of money before your clan closed.

    2 EST // 7 GMT

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    Big farmer man