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  1. 3 to go

    Thank you for bumping my topic. Much appreciated.
  2. I Can Barrage!

    about time
  3. 3def :/

    50 attack yikes
  4. Most of you guys were saying that Legends are better than Elders? If you only say so. Let's compare!!! Legends Roster: @0bbyx - Unemployment @Bruinz - Unemployment @Chew - Flirting some girlfriend @Chris - Unemployment (Playing different games) @Cody - In Rehab for drugs @Davey - Unemployment @HELLA - Employment at Financial Analyst / Invest in Bitcoins @Ian - Unsure @Jared - Overweight/ragging on Discord for nothing @Jax - Going to become as a nurse or doctor (Unsure) @Jayhawk - Unsure @Joel - Wanking off golden reliver dogs @John - Paying child support for his kids @jons - Dropout from high school/went to jail before @Josh - Unemployment @Jts Ftw Pk - Disappear @Kevin - Think his first job as caping for Inferno, end up he can't do caping lmfa000000000 @Matt - Wanking off animes @Revan - On Master degree for chemistry @Rich - Work as Residential Advisor overnight @Ssj4pure3 - Wanking off pony @Sunday - Anxiety problems/Bipolar problems @Tele - In school @Turny Ownz - Failed a few classes in college which cause him to re-take again @Tyrone - Got fired as assistant coach as soccer coach LMFAO (USED Ranger Rover too, acts like he's rich but he isnt) @Vibez - Wanking off Rich Elders Roster: @DarKyWarKy - English Teacher @Joseph - Owns a business (Over 300 employments) @Sly Waffle - Radio host for Mariners/Seahawks @Codi - Nurse @henry - On master degree right now @iHardcore - In Air Force @Frosty - Owns a business (Graphics business) @Skillzy - In Master degree in Lawyer (Will become a Lawyer for Immigration) @Swelly - New life (I think so) @Totaloblivia - On Master degree in RPI @0n3 b100d - Former Navy (Served in Iraq/Afriansgian) @krZ - Pharmacist (Make drugs pills) @Pat - Seal Team 6 (Who killed Bin Laden before) @Prep Unit - In military @SZX - on PHD degree @Unknown - Lawyer @Arie - Unknown @Merk - Former Air Force You can see a lot of Legend who doesn't have successful life while most of Elders does have successful Life. Do not talk shit to Elders ever, when there's several Legends who dropout from high school. Overall: Elders won.
  5. UB closes

    I attend more events than you do. Nice try, my friend Tyrone.
  6. Level 71 Logs into 2k Total world!

    Credits goes to Nineb.
  7. Member Most Wanted:

    Fuck Jts
  8. Recent Allegations.
  9. 39 def btw

  10. >.<