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  1. Joseph

    Zybez closes.

    Sharkbrew is trash like usual. ill set up my own community with my slave @Couck, @KEVY, and @Tyrone
  2. this dude jamz joined back into a clan that doxed his family and left him sleepless for countless nights. gotta be a screw loose somewhere, thats some school shooter shit
  3. Joseph

    Exilent Snipe List

  4. My apologies, I didn’t mean it to forget you as well. Remember our convo about EoP. Hope you can reconsider and join us.
  5. @ToyCar @K2P @Braden @Ar u there @Heismberg I can see you lurking Fi boards and we understand you are not happy with FoE, or what they are doing at this point. Come home before it's to late 😕
  6. Joseph

    Hey noobs! What's up? #2

    Yo man
  7. Joseph


    hi anxiety founder
  8. Joseph


    Interesting best of luck whatever you want to do. I believe that you’ll enjoy here
  9. i just woke up 2 am and killed mifits lmfao
  10. Joseph

    elek' s introduction

    ATL Legacy? from DV?