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  1. I advise

    what about me
  2. PX closed

    It's sad to see them to close after got like 30 EoP members! i guess those 30 eop members can't save PX from closing! Thoughts?
  3. ~ New Era

    Who are you?
  4. A Quiet Place

    All of you guys should watch it at movie theater. It is pretty damn good.
  5. this is why we went 1-39 def so we can be strong enough against Russia
  6. ~ New Era

    With the changes in the pure community of late, wherein the HPC scene has been consistently growing in activity and the MPC scene has been lackluster at best, the Elit3 Bs3r of Fatality Warlord has decided to embrace where the pure scene is going. Beginning in one month's time, Fatality will officially be an HPC. This decision is meant to allow our clan the room to grow and thrive in ways that are no longer possible as an MPC. The HPC scene is in many ways what pure clanning was always meant to be: fun. That would only serve to our detriment. By doing this, we are expanding the pool of clans in the community by twofold and will be joining in on the fun of a thriving wilderness on weekends. The requirements are simple: 1-39 defence This decision is entirely focused on having fun as a community. We encourage and hope that everyone joins us in this venture. With the requirement of 39 defence, we expect this to take time. But we are excited to embrace this change and again experience that 'something special' that pure clanning once was. Keep your eyes peeled for future promotions. This is a troll topic, nobody take this seriously we are still a 1-5def pure clan.-Lee
  7. #latepost

    fishing next
  8. 5555 :(

    didnt ask
  9. #bankmade

    ty 4 support =D
  10. im gay

  11. skillermen

    no im deaf and blind i cant see
  12. skillermen