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  1. 5k

  2. Got home and played the game called Runescape

    lpc - low pure clanning
  3. Goal of the week: Titan

    65 pray start over :C ont: gl man i know you will make it
  4. @Hilda

    m8 :/
  5. new project :D

    tell her to stop sexting me??
  6. new project :D

    ye they are fun asf xD
  7. best mini squad tbh

    i could name 10 people who had that rsn including me lolol
  8. new project :D

    Just got done with mith def/addy gloves, now for 92 str, 94 range 79cb
  9. New account gains

    stay 50 atk overlord
  10. 99 love level

    g to the z on maxing
  11. Glad thats over

    ezpz since nerf gz
  12. 3k

  13. Loot from 1-80 wc

    20k xp/h at 75 doing magics, before that like 35k/h max