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  1. RcMario

    3 more left :/

  2. RcMario

    who was there for this

    just watching how i lived in the 2nd round still gives me chills!
  3. mark/rich and addydaddy goat one of the biggest come backs in a 100 v 100 in round 2 ever
  4. RcMario


    haha i remember, i was the 3rd pure with that cape. the days I also did that cape for 13th r4nger/Korrawi and pretty much every other MM leader back in those days. but yea idk if i will do this cape for others since they have weekly bans on it and it wasn't like that back then
  5. RcMario


    that's toxic slayer number one godsword pure LOL hahaha his a good friend his just joking
  6. RcMario


  7. RcMario


    @Light Mayhembarely knew this guy when he was even MM, he was the new guy