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  1. James

    Bron to LA

    i don;t watch basketbull. but im drunk as hell right now lmao.
  2. Lmfao 9 months later they are still complete shit. Here's my POV clearing misfits 9 months ago. I see not much has changed: Anyway, I see @Josh is making a return so I suppose it's only right that I do too.
  3. James

    #5 on Pure.

    lmao clan chat liaison
  4. James

    i cry everytime

    l0mfaooo @Connor i was going to upload that pic of @Franco too
  5. James

    Foe stepping down after rape

    lmfao signature worthy
  6. James

    Where is bday you ask?

    @Bday was a day one
  7. James

    Im thankfull

    such a cutie pie @Schweden
  8. James

    The video that started "S O O R E Y"

    @Cookie yarrr at 41 seconds
  9. James

    KBD PET!!!!

    what crossbow and is it better than acb? pls @ me.
  10. James


    nice one fellow James
  11. James

    Hardcore btw Minerman btw

    imagine skilling
  12. James

    My Creation

    staff goin right through his hand @Rigo smh
  13. James

    When Ironmen Attack pt1

    @Cookie he will be banned soon. I just posted this on reddit
  14. James

    raid ready

    u only need 78? i thought u needed 90. ima get 78 sweet!
  15. James

    (Possibly) Useful Information

    wow this is good to know ty!
  16. James

    Need help with laptop

    terrible advice
  17. James

    First in Fatality, yeet.

    wtf is that
  18. James


    im merching them atm
  19. James

    Ahh yes, turmoil

    good ole Drew's house. gratz