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  1. Ahh yes, turmoil

    good ole Drew's house. gratz
  2. Legends Vs Elders

    Ex Fi vs Vets
  3. Definitely trusting the process

    i trust the process, but i dont trust @Blissful
  4. anyone bursted 99 mage recently?

    double check anything this guy says. He told me to train str with a dlong
  5. AGS PK!!! GRATZ FI!!!

    gratty gratty grats!!!
  6. Selling GP

    i need self control
  7. Lines of CP boys

    chin unit rest in piece
  8. Please vote

    if he WAS Magic 1.... then who was Magic before him???
  9. buying gp .9

    gp wont buy u happiness
  10. V1ce the leader of moped gang

    introduce me @V1ce im shy!!
  11. Recent Allegations.

    May the wrath of FL shed more light on this situation.
  12. 39 def btw

    sick acc cooler than @Cookie
  13. @crabs

  14. @Paddy Oh dear Paddy. You do flatter me and fill my heart with warmth after reading those kind words. It is a compliment and true mark of our friendship to come to a mutual understanding that we both see "eye to eye" on many values and topics. That being said: You are always keeping me on my toes. You call me out on so much shit that no1 else catches L0L. One day we will cross paths and we will NOT be going to casinos irl.....
  15. @V1ce is my son. I raised him to be one of fatalities toughest. I knew he would go far in the community after his early campaign to push members to get higher agility. He is my shadow. When I watch him from the orb, I am constantly reminded of how much he learned from me. Watching him tank and transition is the perfect combination of what myself and his step-father @XGRX inspired him to become. @V1ce Loves the juicy flame and banter and can deliver it as well as he can take it, which is why I'm here to remind him of his dragon bot pking/money making past that I saved him from Love,
  16. When you talk too much shit

  17. New emoticons

    my favorite
  18. New emoticon (for cookie)

    lmao man @Cookie slick tryin to play it off like she aint the butt ugliest thing u ever seen
  19. Gips

    ill buy a lil if u still have tomorrow @Merk
  20. title was clickbait
  21. Embarrassing Fathers...

    @Magic the process of birth turned me gay
  22. Embarrassing Fathers...

    @V1ce im skipping the 60 attack phase @Kenny and @Bruinz probably low key know why i'm wearing that
  23. Selling 950M $0.95/mill

    didnt see this earlier pm me ill buy a bit