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  1. i cry everytime

    l0mfaooo @Connor i was going to upload that pic of @Franco too
  2. Foe stepping down after rape

    lmfao signature worthy
  3. Where is bday you ask?

    @Bday was a day one
  4. Im thankfull

    such a cutie pie @Schweden
  5. The video that started "S O O R E Y"

    @Cookie yarrr at 41 seconds
  6. KBD PET!!!!

    what crossbow and is it better than acb? pls @ me.
  7. Hufflepuff

    nice one fellow James
  8. Hardcore btw Minerman btw

    imagine skilling
  9. My Creation

    staff goin right through his hand @Rigo smh
  10. When Ironmen Attack pt1

    @Cookie he will be banned soon. I just posted this on reddit
  11. raid ready

    u only need 78? i thought u needed 90. ima get 78 sweet!