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  1. Halo + top + legs

    Thanks, although @Joey already did it for me!
  2. Halo + top + legs

    I got joey to do it for me! As he has done it before and get vouched by an elder i trust him @Whisky
  3. Halo + top + legs

    Oh seemed like a reasoanble price since its like the same amount of tickets for 2x halo and top which m12 was selling for 10m ea Thanks tho!
  4. Halo + top + legs

    Hi, Since M12 is not responding, looking for trusted member tot get cwars shit: Halo top legs on 1 acc And Top and legs on other account For like idk 25m Thanks boys
  5. Halo + Top 10m

    Do you like still sell them or?
  6. Halo + Top 10m

  7. Halo + Top 10m

    Hi, i'd like to buy the top and legs if possible Will be on ts in a sec although can't pm cuz a guest
  8. Account update :D

    Woo finally made it into the top 1000     Started with 90 str and 94 range, stats now:     Made around 60/70m pking - One ags, one sotd and you know emblems n shit   going for rank 100 orsomething
  9. Slayer Gainz

    Nicee man
  10. Aye

    Sickkk m8
  11. I dont know how i feel right now

    Rip friend i've always wanted the name chompy
  12. 7000

    nice fam
  13. Almost done

    got 94 range/mage, 50 attk and mith gloves   50 con/52 pray left, gonna do dt at some point aswell, first egde pk!          
  14. ayee getting strong

    so i can one bang and smite retards with an ags with like 80 hp
  15. ayee getting strong

    40 attack because i've only done the quests i need for getting into nmz, i will get 50 eventually but for now im only paying 6k instead of 26k for a dream. No time atm m8