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  1. Lmao

  2. Mac's cape

    grats bro @Harley =]
  3. NBA Playoffs Round 1

    i think greek freak can hold the celtics off in 7 and i never said anything outside of round 1 i think the 76ers got the best chance as of right now aswell
  4. NBA Playoffs Round 1

    pacers dont got what it takes to do it 3 more times. cavs had an off night
  5. NBA Playoffs Round 1

    man said pacers in 5 lmfao bron has never been bounced in the first round in 14 years
  6. NBA Playoffs Round 1

    raptors in 4, bucks in 7, 76ers in 5, cavs in 6, warriors in 5, rockets in 4, blazers in 6, okc in 5
  7. easy for me

    im literally ur dad stfu
  8. hey

    wtf u gave them to me a few times aswell