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  1. 0bbyx

    Tingling's re-intro

    Smh if you think you’ll ever have a chance at re entering this community your seriously mistaken, it was a fun way to leave, what lying and snaking your clan mates leaking to another clan no thanks not in a million years
  2. 0bbyx

    Tingling's re-intro

    PRity sure I caught you leak to aao
  3. 0bbyx

    well well well

    Forgot you existed ngl
  4. Winter is here! 

  5. 0bbyx

    w i l l y

    Fatality has one rule no Celtic allowed, sorry WATP
  6. 0bbyx

    Small Iron Thing

    Gratz Fi
  7. Was in America for super bowl yesterday............ Still shit 

    1. Josh


      Yeah you still didn't make trip, so i do not care.

    2. Kenny


      Us GMTers hate the super bowl I agree

  8. 0bbyx

    My Intro

    Welcome to mother Fatality
  9. 0bbyx

    Job's done.

    Proud to call you a brother
  10. 0bbyx


    Units as dead as my washed up ass man half the nighas are banned 😂😂
  11. A few months ago you legit tried to decimate Fatality from the inside as a trusted member you took a HC role in that clan, you can’t come back from that No
  12. 0bbyx

    Ironman plans

    Nice fam