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  1. first ever fullout!!!

    All I can say is constantly keep 115 hp and use a Kodai want that way u can blood barrage without losing an imventory space, clumps are inevitable so don’t panic and tank out
  2. Comparison of Legend/Elders

    Rofl the first time I've been on the sore end of one of joes flame topics and I don't like it 😂
  3. AGS PK!!! GRATZ FI!!!

    I see you right now @V1ce and I'm proud

    It's Obby season alright
  5. @Spireite is my day one homie
  6. First on that nice list ^ hope santas good to me
  7. Bit like you liking shoes
  8. (S) GP

    If u still have on Friday I'll take 160
  9. No one cares to tell me about this shit?

    It's to stop ultimate ironmen abusling the system dummy
  10. When foe thinks theyre good

    Why flame foe because of one shit kid?
  11. im back

    Gl to the pure community now with that squad back no one stands a chance
  12. HCIM BTW

    Ty my dude half way now
  13. New Nh Pk Video

    Yo! Nice vid wanna see more of you at trips and events though fam 😘
  14. John Cena

    A Rune Scim and a big dick account Fi Caitlin's back