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  1. This is actually fuckin lit

    Thought it sounded horrible tbh 😅😭
  2. My harpoon went stronk.

    Daymmmm Fi wins again I see well done
  3. A Quiet Place

    Looks good tbh
  4. Waw that’s one sad kid gj dropping him on 4 head
  5. The journey from scratch..

    You can’t get rigour and augury on a pure unfortunately bro, go with the grind though
  6. Couck Appreciation Topic

    @Couck is one of the nicest most genuine people I’ve ever met
  7. Account Progress after 2 Years

    Daym mate that’s a sick ass account you got there lovely process
  8. Easy for Rigo

    Tbh I’ve done more myself than the stage yours is at and if I can get an account ready for someone to stand and click a rock for 200 hours then I will lol
  9. Easy for Rigo

    You ate 1 food lol top job man
  10. interesting pking sesh

    Good work dude and nice loot!!
  11. 1600 Total :D

    Balling my dude account is really coming on nicely great job
  12. wUU2 xgrx lo0ol

    Was easy and a fun event
  13. Jaimy memb app

    True dat
  14. Working on my gaming for the clan

    Get a back support fam, 16 hours a day in that chair and you’ll develop problems nice wanking tissues btw 🤧😅