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  1. 0bbyx

    tree chopper

    As long as you not a treehugger init
  2. Dead clan, low morale, hacker leaders, inactive leaders, scum of the pure community WE DON'T OFF
  3. 0bbyx

    Bye Misfits

  4. 0bbyx

    Fazey App

    This nigha thought
  5. 0bbyx

    Misfits teamspeak - Episode 4

    That breathing man sounds like such a fat out of breath kid
  6. We Belgian now

  7. 0bbyx


    Gratz why not play along side with your clan mates instead of levelling virtual levels on a pure
  8. 0bbyx


    Dude you’ve got limpwurt root eye brows and Sara brew teeth, I’m past you your not worth the grief I’d rather be kinder than have my parents conceive me via tinder. The only articulate you know is the fucking board game, it’s 0bbyx remember the name rapping vs me is your 5 seconds of fame dont let it get to your head I’m coming of tame save yourself the pain, you say I have no lines but nighas be building my words shines I’m a lyrical Da Vinci you ain’t gonna win this your gonna have to lynch me
  9. 0bbyx


    Okay my man I like it. the only time I nut quick is when I burst it on your mums tits. freeze her with a blitz she spreads her legs like the splits 0bbyx got all of his wits yeh my king shit that’s my outfits, I’m killing you faster than I killed misfits Sorry I just hit you with straight up fire I feel bad man
  10. 0bbyx


    Yo @Motekiku you beefing with my boys I should fucking kick you Squash you up dead bee bye as I fucking flick you click click bang were a gang come at me your going to fucking hang
  11. 0bbyx


    Yo @Couck wanna go? This ones for your boy king couck The nigha I’ve got dangling at the end of my hook he does everything to try and fucking juke me but he’s forgetting that I’m the best HC, MC FI did ever see so he better get down on one knee and start sucking my DICK before I bury him like I burried lil nick
  12. 0bbyx

    [Part 2] Summer Promos 2018

    Ahhh my supreme leader gratz @Elve seriously well deserved @Jacco welcome back to the rank team fam
  13. feels good to be highest pulling clan again, well done everybody team effort!

  14. Mfw we hit shitfits with 100 pures tonight ?????