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  1. 0bbyx

    Dear Lord Ex

    Ohhh out of game, Legend 0bbyx reporting for duty leader @Couck
  2. 0bbyx

    Who remembers this legendary trip?

    I was 1 def during this trip I remember returning about 50 times 😂😂
  3. 0bbyx

    A pleasure to be reaquainted!

    Smh I actually typed what I wrote 3 times trying to be nice to your gook heroin addict ass and you insult me 🤦‍♂️ But yeh we can re spark mammoths soon, fingers might need some arthritis cleared out first 😂😂
  4. 0bbyx

    A pleasure to be reaquainted!

    Hi @Lex ❤️ btw doesn’t feel like 6 years does it!
  5. Merry Christmas brothers

  6. 0bbyx


    That reaper intro is amazing man
  7. Seriously strong rank team gratz FI

    1. Kenny


      It's comeback season baby

  8. 0bbyx

    Castle wars master

    How many times you done this now brother?
  9. 0bbyx

    Current addy daddy poll

    Ohhhh shit that’s a game changer @Kevo
  10. 0bbyx

    thanks for the clicks

    Nice good music choice too
  11. 0bbyx

    luna uzumaki Intro

    Why u guested? Lol
  12. 0bbyx

    Mage Arena 2 [hcim]

    You inspire me
  13. 0bbyx


    Nice kevo I really like the 13 def build accounts
  14. 0bbyx

    Tingling's re-intro

    Smh if you think you’ll ever have a chance at re entering this community your seriously mistaken, it was a fun way to leave, what lying and snaking your clan mates leaking to another clan no thanks not in a million years
  15. 0bbyx

    Tingling's re-intro

    PRity sure I caught you leak to aao