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  1. Green men of Fatality strode through the cum stained pillows to vanquish their foes once and for......
  2. 0bbyx

    Convince me to get prayer on my account

    I get 5 niggas with bgs and U got 52 pray GG
  3. 0bbyx


  4. Great trip last night lads, keep up the activity and be on to kill shit ir and mf clans all week long baby

  5. We got another clan to kill now boys make sure and be there to close this shit redemption clan this weekend!!!
  6. 0bbyx


    I dunno if any folk from Zu still active fam there is some ex Fi members but we got the best Aussie unit in the pure community I’m sure you’ll enjoy
  7. 0bbyx

    rd>fi neuk fi

    Hey you’ll remember me I closed RD welcome though
  8. 0bbyx

    ags from random clown with the boiz

    Wait you boys ragging without me smh
  9. 0bbyx

    just the beginning

    Gratz baby 0bby
  10. 0bbyx

    Did you ever think about the fact...

    Rank meeting - couck “what are we gonna do about leaks and hyping the clan up for events” brian - guys did you ever think about Australia........ smh
  11. 0bbyx


    Yo homie welcome to the pure elites
  12. 0bbyx

    Daily Osrs Question #3

    I can do some with you fam, if @Spireite is on we can hit some shit up tonight
  13. 0bbyx

    Osrs Daily Question #2

    I love n ranging and waiting for you beautiful Magers to catch clumps which I capitalise on with my squeekie black Isis warriors
  14. Your intro is cancer as hell even if u go make a 1 def pure and app it’s a no from me