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  1. 0bbyx

    we runnin' now

    Did you lose inferno cape?
  2. 0bbyx

    mf closer intro

    Let’s kill the clan read by isis who think it’s okay to rape woman
  3. Inners tonight For the sick gmt time zone 

  4. 0bbyx

    dmm dharok pk

  5. 0bbyx

    The Rebirth

    My nigha
  6. Like this status if you’ve ever killed goblins to enter Al Kharid 

  7. Who’s selling gips

    1. Tyrone


      @Jons secure the bag

  8. 0bbyx

    What famous person have you met?

    Jimmy savile when I was 13 at BBC road show
  9. 0bbyx


    Yo welcome back
  10. 0bbyx


    Gratz get at trip we have a party
  11. 0bbyx

    ah yes 1k

    Gratz my dude
  12. 0bbyx

    Can I complain now pls?

    dayyym dude i really hope it comes soon :(
  13. 0bbyx

    September MOTM

    Huge gratz lad
  14. This is what happens when a mini team enters the wilderness 😂😂😂