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  1. Native


    ur cute btw
  2. Native


    my boy
  3. Native


    you are weak.
  4. Native

    Caelee's Introduction

    welcome to pure clanning.
  5. Native


    @Lee new phone who this
  6. Native


  7. Native

    When you beat ub but lose to ir

    i never lost to IR wuu2 lmfao
  8. Native


  9. Native

    Definitely trusting the process

    you don't need overloads in there.
  10. Native

    Hello :)

  11. Native

    Here for the flames

    2k15 Clanner wuu2
  12. Native

    TLP hacks main clan leader

    >have no use for the money yet they take it >its bradens account >"grasping for a reason to take a shot at TLP" bro r u high? >greentexting >a member is out 1b waiting on Jamal to throw me some purp scurp
  13. Native

    TLP hacks main clan leader

    Sun] [14:58:25] <+Jamal> ok so heres the "story" [sun] [14:58:29] <+Jamal> apparently this moron was staking on stream [sun] [14:58:35] <%xgot> idc bout the story i want 100m [sun] [14:58:36] <+Jamal> had 1.4b in his inv [sun] [14:58:40] <+Jamal> i hit him off and took his 1.4b [sun] [14:58:42] <+Jamal> LMFA000000000000 [sun] [14:58:49] <+Jamal> IM A DDOSER AND A HACKER NOW BOYS [sun] [14:58:53] <+Jamal> im 2 high for this [sun] [14:58:57] <+Jamal> im going outside lmfa0 I agree Jamal is high quite often
  14. Native

    TLP hacks main clan leader

    was Braden's account. Jamal and his brother have no use for the money and given Rendual's...behavior so to speak you're really grasping for a reason to take a shot at TLP.