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  1. The best and longest standing pure clan in the game, give them hell this wknd nimrods ❤️

    1. Brazil


      Anni trip 18th 19th @RyanGymnase

  2. RyanGymnase

    canadian thanksgiving!

    Fucking rights, happy thanksgiving to my Canadian brothers
  3. RyanGymnase

    This dude passed out at VELD

    This guy fucks cocaine is a hell of a drug
  4. RyanGymnase

    Would you?

    How much are you down ;(
  5. RyanGymnase

    Would you?

    I would come support them while they hold onto my pockets @Joseph Did you make the money you lost staking back?
  6. Its been a long time.. whats the current state of clanning you nimrods?

  7. Who'd you nimrods give my OG Ryan forum name too.. My dicks huge

  8. RyanGymnase

    i miss you couck

    busy with uni @@Tele we should slay
  9. Omg you're all 30 defence, Nimrods.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Matt
    3. Tamalero Pk
    4. Eddie


      Yeah about that.... I ran out of gasoline on my lawn mower 4000 so unless the pakis come back with their oil enjoy the tall grass

  10. RyanGymnase

    TLP hacks main clan leader

    Fuck rendual 1 eyed cunt
  11. RyanGymnase


    I put male thinking I was funny little did I know