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  1. Took no pics so here is couck in game
  2. Jacco

    Funny Discord Quotes.

    ➀ Sly Waffle-vandaag om 16:24 it's like 7 am and i'm at work just craving some fucking meat i want some meat in my mouth
  3. Jacco

    Funny Discord Quotes.

    ➀ Sly Waffle-vandaag om 21:54 jacco's hairline is shrinking ➂ Revan-vandaag om 21:54 facts ➀ Sly Waffle-vandaag om 21:54 ➂ Revan-vandaag om 21:54 bald dutch fuck ➁ Jacco-vandaag om 21:55 shut up dumb retard ➀ Sly Waffle-vandaag om 21:55 woow no rapier for u ➁ Jacco-vandaag om 21:55 be careful that chick doesnt have a dick ➂ Revan-vandaag om 21:55 i hope she does ➀ Sly Waffle-vandaag om 21:55 ^ ➁ Jacco-vandaag om 21:55 holy shit ➂ Revan-vandaag om 21:55 im gay lol
  4. Jacco


    Damn big grattie
  5. Jacco

    dont think ill ever get it

    U not even on the droprate yet boi
  6. Jacco

    1 left

    Damn im jelly as fuck 1550 laps left boye
  7. Jacco


    Welcome (again? ) to the forums. You have quite a big clanning history and I remember you. Interesting to see if you find that this is the right clan for you. I hope it is.
  8. Jacco


    Big fletcherman no 99 fletch in 2k18 tho imagine