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    Welcome to the forums! Make sure to idle on discord to get to know people
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    She: come to my place Me:i cant i got a prep She: im home alone Me: (pic)
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    thats some fucking gfx holy shit
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    Lmfao @Maffiajef6 @Daveyis this all they got on us?
  8. We massed up a solid 45 people, later peaking at 50 people to have a lit F2p Saturday trip. Outpulled by most clans, we proved yet again how we value quality over quantity and smoked every clan out there not losing a single fight. Shoutout to APEX for giving us a few good fights. We started the trip off with a quick fight against Apex and Against All Odds. After rushing west of bandits the fight quickly inched north. After a bit of fighting, Intense Redemption rushed us. Being heavily outnumbered, we inched it to singles for a moment picking off their stragglers. We then re- rushed the fight, making all clans either run and log. Eruption of Pures came a bit late to the party and after seeing them rush, we dipped to get a bank. We got word of a fight happening at Corp hill between APEX and Against All Odds and quickly hit it. AAO quickly dipped east and logged, while we continued to smoke APEX at Corp. We quickly dipped to Graveyard once we saw Intense Redemption + Misfits crash the fight with 70 people. For some reason, Against All Odds thought it would be a good idea to hit us at Chaos Temple but they quickly regretted this decision when we turned around and started killing them one by one. They started dipping south and we walked down with them killing almost every one of them. We decided to bring our friends from Supremacy a quick little visit and hit their fight against Intense Redemption. The fight quickly got crashed by every single clan out there and after most clans dipped, we decided to hit Envy that also logged into the same world. We picked off their high levels and dipped after having word that Eruption of Pures was about to hit us. We ended the trip with a 1v1 against APEX. Sadly, Nox decided to call Eruption of Pures after seeing us drop 8 of his members in about 5 seconds. Both clans dipped to singles quickly after the crash and on that note, we ended the trip.  
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    u and pet luck are not a good combination
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    Fuck me you're new
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    Gfx is hella sexy, gz citgo.
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    All i know is we sucked dick and we finished last by winning just 1 round @Davey @r9ng9d @Kawaii