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  1. #bankmade

  2. 99 Slayer!

    stayin true to the 39 def master race respect
  3. 1 Defence Quests and Tasks

    nice alot of great info
  4. i got wood

    gettin there
  5. nightshift smites +1 :D

    free $
  6. Since the Bruins are actually doing well this season and can and most likely will make the playoffs @Bruinz @Blissful @Jax, if we do make the playoffs we should all setup a game to go to and buy tickets together and all meet up. Hit up the bean then after a game swing thru sully's pub or bar hop on maybe a friday/saturday night.
  7. R.I.P. my clean account

    tanks harder anyways
  8. I bullied him off the game in #Massacre @henry he went ghost since then